Employee Investment Trusts.

Employees can now invest in their future by participating in an Employee Investment Trust, which is the most effective investment vehicle operating in the Australian economy today.

SalaryMasters is Proud to Have Partnered With a Specialised Remuneration Services Group Allowing Employees to Participate in Employee Investment Trusts.

“There can be no more challenging task for employers than to attract, retain, motivate and protect valuable employees. People at every level of an organisation from senior executives to junior administrative support officers can either be its most valuable assets or a major liability. One of the major objectives facing management today is to transform their workforce from the latter to the former, thereby creating an empowered employee for the organisation”.
John Kallitsas – Founder of The DPoA Group and SalaryMasters

An optimum remuneration strategy has three elements:

· Fixed remuneration (what you are paid to come to work);
· Short-term variable remuneration (your profit share, incentives and bonuses); and
· Long-term incentives (usual participation in the capital value of the organisation)

Fixed remuneration – or base pay as it is also known, is commonly defined as the salary or the payment amount given to an employee for performing the daily duties of the defined job.

Short-term incentives – including annual incentives, bonuses, commissions and the like – reward the individual employee for achieving certain goals over a short period. The measurement period for short-term incentives is most often quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Short-term incentives can be measured based on the individual’s own performance, group or team performance, or the company’s overall achievement. This depends on the organisation, the incentive plan, and the level of the individual within the organisational hierarchy.

Long-term incentives – including shares, restricted shares, share options,

phantom shares, share replicators, participating units, and the like – measure organisation-wide performance, typically over several years. The intent of such plans is to provide incentives for employees to improve the overall performance of the organisation by linking the employees’ long-term rewards to the organisation’s long-term results.

An Employee Investment Trust is a unique structure which aims to:
· Support employee retention and increase loyalty
· Signify that you the employer values the employee’s contribution
· Attract and retain high calibre employees
· Reduce the high cost of recruitment processes
· Increase the distribution of wealth amongst employees
· Maintain a constant focus on the success of your company
· Treat employees as “engaged” owners in the business

SalaryMasters is excited about the potential of these offerings because of the support and encouragement it offers all Australian organisations, particularly small and medium-sized ones, wishing to introduce employee share plans to their workforce. This initiative remains important to these organisations, which have a commitment to employee financial participation in all its forms.

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In addition to substantial savings of novated leases, there are many other options your employees can benefit from.

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Program and policy design

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We’ve developed a unique system which can more accurately calculate your true expenses, giving you significantly greater savings over time which you can use to obtain the vehicle you’ve set your heart on. Estimate what you could save with our

You are spending below the amount your Employer has provided for your Vehicle Allowance. In most cases, you will pocket the difference each pay period.

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A novated car lease is a great alternative to buying a car outright. You need no cash up front, and there are major tax benefits. And because it works by setting up regular deductions from your pay, registration, insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance, tyres and even fuel can all be included. Never worry about these pesty bills again.

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We’ve developed a unique system which can more accurately calculate your true expenses, giving you significantly greater savings over time which you can use to obtain the vehicle you’ve set your heart on. Estimate what you could save with our