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Salary packaging is a smarter way to use your salary to pay for a vehicle, a mortgage and many of your other everyday expenses before you pay tax.


Build employee loyalty with a wide range of benefits. Employees of yours may be eligible for the following 21 salary packaging options depending on the industry you work in.

Additional Superannuation

Additional contributions to your super can be considerably cheaper when you salary package the amount…


Airline Lounge Membership

Whether you travel for work or leisure, you can save the income tax and the GST on lounge memberships…


Associate Leases

A little-known way to save on vehicle costs is to set up an associate lease. This allows you to rent a vehicle…


Car Parking

Parking that you pay for at work can be expensive. But if you work for a small business or non-profit organisation…



If your children attend a childcare centre run by your employer, you could include the costs in your salary package…



The environmental and exercise benefits of electric bikes are making them increasingly popular…


Everyday Purchases

It’s now possible to conveniently salary package your groceries, bills, clothing, holidays and other everyday expenses…


Financial & Tax Services

If you have an investment portfolio, or you use the services of a financial planner or tax professional…


Novated Leasing

Often the cheapest way to buy a new or used car is to salary package the vehicle with a novated lease. Use your…


Gym Membership (in-house)

If your employer provides a gym on their business premises, you can salary package the membership…


Income Protection

If you have income protection insurance to cover your finances if you become sick and are unable to work, salary packaging…


Investment Loan Interest

If you have an investment loan which you fully use to produce income, you can package the interest charged on that loan…


Living Expenses

Only available to employees in certain sectors, this is a special benefit that could save you thousands per year depending…


Work-Related Computer Software

Do you have a need for software on your home computer which is related to your work? This can be salary packaged…


Work-Related Expenses

If you salary package a range of expenses related to your work, you can benefit by obtaining the amount immediately…


Portable Data Devices

Did you know that if you use your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other portable devices substantially for work purposes…


Private Health Insurance

While it is sometimes possible to salary package your private health cover, this invariably attracts Fringe Benefits Tax…


Relocation Expenses

If your existing job demands that you move to a new location, the costs of relocation, travel, removals, reconnection…


Remote Area Allowance

Living in a remote area? If your employer provides your accommodation, you can salary package your rent. To qualify…


Self Education Expenses

If you are studying for a qualification related to your existing field of employment, you can salary package the full value…


Work Development Travel

You can save on the cost of any employer-approved travel related to the advancement of your work – such as courses…


Living Away From Home Expenses

If your employer requires you to temporarily live away from home for work purposes, and you incur expenses…


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At SalaryMasters, we set out to create a richly rewarding experience for every one of our clients, where highly personalised service and astute specialist recommendations deliver extraordinary financial advantages and boost your purchasing power. As one of Australia’s longest-established independent salary packaging specialists, we have the experience and the knowledge in your industry to help you achieve the best in salary packaging.

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Salary Packaging

Using your pre-tax salary to pay for things allows you to increase your disposable income and pay less tax – fully approved by the ATO.

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Novated Leasing

A novated car lease is a great alternative to buying a car outright. You need no cash up front, and there are major tax benefits.

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Extended Benefits

Take advantage of dozens of benefits and tax savings. To discuss the details of the full list, contact us today to find out more

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We’ve developed a unique system which can more accurately calculate your true expenses, giving you significantly greater savings over time which you can use to obtain the vehicle you’ve set your heart on. Estimate what you could save with our

You are spending below the amount your Employer has provided for your Vehicle Allowance. In most cases, you will pocket the difference each pay period.

The vehicle / amount you have chosen is in excess of your Vehicle Allowance. This means that you will need to contribute more from your Gross Annual Salary.

Not sure what type of vehicle you are looking for?
Not sure what you can afford?
Enter an amount here and the Calculator will provide you with an estimated cost per pay cycle you have specified.
(Amount shown includes GST and excludes dealer delivery and on-road costs).

If your Employer provides you with a Vehicle Allowance, enter the amount here and the Calculator will tell you if you are above or below the Vehicle Allowance.

Enter your Gross Annual Salary, excluding superannuation.

A novated car lease is a great alternative to buying a car outright. You need no cash up front, and there are major tax benefits. And because it works by setting up regular deductions from your pay, registration, insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance, tyres and even fuel can all be included. Never worry about these pesty bills again.

You can choose to salary package almost any new car available in Australia. We can offer you outstanding deals on hundreds of sports, family and prestige vehicles – cars, wagons, 4WDs and SUVs - from dealers Australia-wide. We have long-established relationships with premium dealers who stock all the top brands, so our buying power is second to none.

With our specialist guidance, you can learn the secrets of using your pre-tax salary to save thousands on a new vehicle, your mortgage and much more. Secure every dollar you’re entitled to.

We only employ experienced specialists in salary packaging and fringe benefits tax, who stay totally up to date with Australia’s ever-changing taxation landscape with ongoing training. The benefits are all yours.

Instead of speaking with a different person each time, you’ll be assigned a personal client manager, who’ll look after every aspect of your contract.
You’ll obtain high quality service every time, from a specialist who’s committed to your satisfaction, and who’s completely familiar with your needs.
All our staff are located in Australia, and your personal information is kept secure right here - never offshore – so your privacy is assured.

We’ve developed a unique system which can more accurately calculate your true expenses, giving you significantly greater savings over time which you can use to obtain the vehicle you’ve set your heart on. Estimate what you could save with our